House and Folk Music: This is Heaven!

May 9, 2007

I’ve been in a very bluesy / folksy mood these past few days. Folk the sort of music that you really could have as the soundtrack to your life: a nice, relaxing groove with soothing lyrics in the background. Add to that an uplifting message, and you have the perfect combination.

I have HOUSE to thank for turning me onto folk again. In last weeks episode, there’s this really sweet bluesy song, Ain’t No Reason, by Brett Dennen. Here it is, with a little montage of HOUSE episodes [to see the song in context, check out this clip {God, how did we live before YouTube and it’s copyright infringement?!}]:

I mean, damn. What a great song. The first one I’ve bought in a while after a hiatus from iTunes. That’s when you know it’s good stuff.

Maybe it’s the feeling of freedom from being done with school. Maybe it’s the summer. But this music just seems perfect right now.

All you need is love.



One Response to “House and Folk Music: This is Heaven!”

  1. Ed A. said

    Have you ever heard what is used as the House theme song?

    It’s called Teardrop, and it’s by Massive Attack. Give a listen some time (its on Ruckus if you use that, which you should because its free and legal… two qualities rarely inherent in the same thing ;) ).

    It’s very out there, but it kinda fits “House”.

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