The French: Moving Beyond the Middle Ages

May 13, 2007

So, I found these French AIDs awareness videos at Okay, the French are about 1000% ahead of us in terms of cultural evolution. These videos would be banned and their makers sentenced to Hell by most Americans. Personally, I think the videos are in good taste and show an interesting, positive message about how to protect yourself from AIDs and still refrain from being sexually frigid.

But my ancestors were French. And I’m a pinko liberal commie hippie.

So, take what you will.

Be warned though, these videos are “NSFW” [not safe for work]. Lots of nudity and sex. Well, not really so much nudity, but definitely a lot of sex.

Enjoy. Or not. Luckily, it’s still up to you!



One Response to “The French: Moving Beyond the Middle Ages”

  1. Dave in the West said

    Wow… this was adorable. A pool full of boobies.

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