And on a completely different note…

May 31, 2007

I started physics today at Villanova. It ended up being a pretty cool time. Both professors are cool cats. The drive there turns out to be a nice way to have some quiet space [I know, like I need more of that]. And doing math, even if it’s just basic algebra math, just feels FANTASTIC.

Plus it’s motivating me to get up in the morning [I don’t really have a choice if I want to get to VU]. And it’s making me feel like learning [something I enjoy but rarely do in a systematic way].

Funny how I can easily discipline myself to learn if I’m in a class [even one that’s not really for credit], but I can’t seem to get myself to study something purely on my own. That’s a weird quirk in the system.

But now iTunes has this cool little system set up where they put up classes from places like UC Berkeley and Stanford. I’m listening to a podcast on Social Psychology right now. Really cool stuff.

If you want some good listening [we’re talking best of the best of the nation academic-wise], be sure to download iTunes and check this stuff out.

Of course, they have the physical and biological sciences too, but don’t we already get enough of those in school?

I’m off to bed soon. Yay for getting up at 6! It’s just like High School. Except… strangely not.

One Response to “And on a completely different note…”

  1. Ed A. said

    You might also want to check out MIT’s open courseware. My linear algebra course that I have right now gave a link to some recorded lectures from back in the day (like 1999ish). They might have other video lectures on there.

    And eww. iHate iTunes. Or rather, I hate DRM. Are the things you’re talking about DRM’d or can they be transferred (by DRM I mean it can only be played on Itunes, so by not I mean I can play it in other things. And are they free?)

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