Random Musing at Quarter to One

June 15, 2007

Okay, time for a spot check. It’s been five weeks that I’ve been home. And I’ve gotten a few things done. Went to a Tool concert. That rocked. Organized my room [a little bit. Amazing how much easier that is to do when the room is brand new {ie at College}]. Gone on a few runs [not nearly enough and definitely not enough if I want to be in the top 7 this XC season]. Read a few interesting books. Contemplated my own non-existence. Watched a lot of great movies. Finished the first season of Lost. Written [a little]. Worked [and overly visited] at the High School.

Uh, yeah, that’s something. But, I don’t know, seems like something is missing. The excitement planned for friends is coming up shortly. Personal excitement could use a few levels of new thought and action.

Behavioral modification. If everything is a habit, then all it takes to change the situation is to change the habit. To modify the behavior. BF Skinner was right [if a little intimidating]. All things are behaviors. If it’s a thought behavior, a visceral behavior, or an action behavior. It all comes down to conditioning.

Not air conditioning. That just rocks!

Well, that’s all for now. Just had to double check that the summer is still here [a little bit] before I start panicking about the fact that it’ll be gone.

The days last forever but the years fly by.



One Response to “Random Musing at Quarter to One”

  1. dave in the back said

    Maybe its a job, Dave.

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