July 9, 2007

When George W. Bush plays his role as protector of the ‘Merican people, you can see he is performing. If you watch as he runs through those lists of evangelical/Manichean truisms, you will see he is performing the simplicity he thinks of as his principal virtue. He actually recites (rush of words, pause and stare; rush of words, pause and stare) little bromides like “We are a good people,” “Our enemies hate us for who we are,” and “Our cause is just,” and his eyes light up after each nugget is delivered, as if he is proud to get his lesson right. It is as if he were hoping to ingratiate himself with parents he has disappointed.

Which is the basic plot of his life’s story.

~ From Mediated: How the Media Shapes Your World and the Way You Live in It by Thomas De Zengotita


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