Damn you, Driving Test!

July 18, 2007

Brian shared this little nugget of miscellanea with me yesterday:PennDOT pulls signs of confusion from driver’s testThat’s right, read it and weep, all ye non-believers. I told you that the pedestrian crossing sign and the school crossing sign could be interchangeable. You all laughed at me when I said I failed my permit test the first time. But now I have my revenge! Muahahahahaha.Though I still had to take it a second time. Goes to show you that sometimes bitching gets you what you want. What am I saying, ‘sometimes?’ :)Speaking of which, I have to renew that sucker sometime. Good thing my hair grew back. Hard time explaining that one to the officers…’Well, you see, I wanted a disguise so you guys wouldn’t catch me. And, well, it didn’t work out…’Hat tip to Brian!


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