That would just be amazing…

July 21, 2007

I just got a generic letter from Ursinus. It contained miscellaneous information about what has been going on over summer and into the fall.

One of the bulleted remarks is about New Hall, a new dorm building that should be open during the fall semester and will be my home for the next year. But, wait, did they seriously name it “New Hall?” Later on in the bulleted item, they talk about “New” as well as “Richter-North” [that’s the building right next to New]. So they might just be sticking with that name. Which I would just find personally amazing.

I can’t wait to live in New. Until it’s not new. Then will they call it Old?

Oh, Ursinus. :)


One Response to “That would just be amazing…”

  1. Sharlene Brown said

    Hey. I just found this blog. i just wanted to say that i’m a senior at UC and still wonder how hard it is to pick a name from the alumni, donor, or past presidents pool and just name the damn building already. it’s still not finished btw. i just got back from summer fellows and there’s still construction going on. it looks done for the most part, but you never know. good luck with that.

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