Dreams Say the Darndest Things

August 1, 2007

Had a fun dream last night. Well, I’ve been having a lot of fun dreams lately. Amazing how much more you remember your dreams when you just put the effort. I hadn’t been remembering dreams this entire break, but then I decided to put in the effort to write down the ones I could, and suddenly I’m getting at least one a night. Not a bad bargain for one nights sleep. Not to mention the fact that I still get to be refreshed, but at the end, as a bonus, I also get some new experiences to ponder over.

Anyway, to this specific dream. At the time [ie right when I first woke up], the plot of this story seemed pretty cool. The setting is an office building. Think Dilbert plus computer programmers. This Asian guy’s sitting a computer when an error message pops up. Something like ‘Danger, Danger, Do Not Respond!’ [Okay, at this point, I’m filling in some of the details. It’s all a little bit fuzzy, especially since it came to me at like 6:20 this morning, and I didn’t get up until 8:30… not the best method if you want to recall the dream in any sort of detail]. The guy is silly and pushes the button. You know, the big one that says not to push it.

The scene cuts to the next day. The guys seat is empty. Never shows up. But his computer boots up anyway. Same error message. A guy passing buy decides to push the button.

Bad choice. Doesn’t show up the next day.

Cut to way in the future. Like, 5 years in the future. The computer is now in some dark back room somewhere, with the monitor flashing the same message. No one wants to mess with it. Not even to turn it off. And so it sits.

Okay, on second thought, not the greatest story ever told. But I swear to whatever that when I got up in the morning, the dream scared the shit out of me. Which leads me to believe that I’m leaving something out. Which, you know, I probably am. But that’s how dreams work.

Should be plenty more where that one came from. Not that I’d share the majority of my dreams. A wee too personal. And mundane.

I mean, you already get a glimpse of my waking life. And I already feel bad for you.



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