Another Shot Through Intelligent Designs Sails, or, How Life Began

August 18, 2007

Apparently scientists have hypothesized that life-like inorganic compounds can form into self-replicating patterns, much like DNA, under the proper conditions.

Now, those proper conditions involve plasma, which you’re not liable to find everywhere. And the only proof that the researchers have is a computer model [since when were computer simulations equivalent to scientific research? Maybe I’m just outdated…]. But still, the idea is pretty cool. The even cooler thing is that the researchers hypothesize that these inorganic compounds could be used as templates that would lead to more stable, organic compounds, and eventually, to life itself.

Makes a lot more sense out of the whole ‘lightning striking the primordial goo’ theory of genesis. That sounded shoddy at best. But now, with the self-forming proclivity of lipid bilayers and now this, it looks more and more like we’re finally figuring out how the first life actually came into existence. And it seems like it’s not that odd a thing to happen at all. Yeah, we ‘scientists’ [ie people like me who have had a few high school science courses and would like to believe we actually understand the stuff] like to tout the Second Law of Thermodynamics for why the universe has to go to pot. But if this sort of stuff does happen, it seems like there may be a Fourth Law that just hasn’t been discovered yet. And it may explain a lot more than the transfer of heat in a closed system.

That’s just cool.


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