Summer Ends, Let Me Hear it for One More Once!

August 18, 2007

Time for that annual post at the end of the summer. I just read over the one from last year to get some inspiration. Man, I was so perky and ready to take on the world. Isn’t that just adorable?

But now it’s time to face, well, now. This year. This moment. And gee golly, it should be about 20X easier than last year. I know people. I have been running [enough]. Plus I have all the experiences accrued between then and now at my disposal. In other words, I’m ready for some kick ass.

Funny, last year right before I left for school I saw Accepted [I can’t for the damnedest remember with who though. I think it might have been with K. Phil, but at the moment my company is escaping me.]. That capped off my summer with expectations about college: attending crazy parties, constantly getting laid, and having the most amazing time of my life. Yeah, a lot of that stuff didn’t happen. And if it did, I wasn’t there for it. But not because I ‘missed out,’ but because I had other things to do.

This summer was capped off by Superbad. Soooo much more of an appropriate movie for getting into the college mindset. I mean, Superbad is real life, but in technicolor and on the big screen. It shows you that life isn’t a constant string of awesome, but a lot of bad mixed with a little good and all stirred together to make reality. And there’s nothing wrong with any of it. If you have an addiction to drawing penises, well, more power to you. If you pass up on getting a BJ from a really hot girl that digs you, that’s cool too. Life isn’t an all or nothing ordeal. Take it as it comes, and most importantly, don’t take yourself too seriously.

I would try and come up with some overarching motto for this year, but I know I’d blow it before I even left home tomorrow. And you know, that’s cool. Because life is just one lurching progression after another after another.

Here’s to a lurching, awkward, memorable year.

And just for old times sake, huzzah!


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