Reporting from Ursinus (Again)

August 19, 2007

Well, sophomore year has begun in earnest. Well, not in earnest. But in a meek sort of sheepish start.

I moved in today. I really love the new dorm. And the new room. And just about everything about my current living arrangement. I don’t care that some people call this building the ‘nursing home.’ I’m even becoming oblivious to the fact that it’s called ‘New Hall.’ I just really like the Spartan-esque setup. And the really high ceilings. And the fact that I can design my living space from the ground up. I really love designing my living space from the ground up. So much better than moving into some half-filled room.

And I love this chair. The top moves back. It’s like leaning back in your chair, but without the chance of falling. Bitch, I’ll keep all four feet on the ground and lean back!

Cross Country preseason starts tomorrow. Aw yeah, with a 5K time trial. I think I’ll pull of something in the 24 to 25 minute 5K range. Not really that great. But hey, I haven’t been running as much as maybe I should have. I learned the hard way, for sure this time, that my legs don’t especially appreciate anything harder than a trail. Concrete? Forget about it!

This week will absolutely fly by. I know that for a fact. And then school begins for real. And soon enough, it’ll be time for Fall Break. This shit it crazy.

The only thing I need right now it something to read. I kind of neglected to bring any reading material, forgetting how much free time there is during preseason. But luckily the library will amend that in a shockingly quick fashion. And until then, I’ll either write or, well, write.

I have a good feeling about this year in my gut. That doesn’t happen much. But I’m liking it.

Oh, and I love not being a freshman. Yay for no awkwardness!



2 Responses to “Reporting from Ursinus (Again)”

  1. Ed Anderson said

    Hehe. Those nice little lets-you-lean-back chairs are standard in my dorm too.
    Only instead of the top moving, the chair bottom looks like this: __/

    In other words, you can lean back and the chair will sit flat just like when you’re not leaning. The only downside being they’re not that comfortable, but hey leaning back is nice.

    Have fun this year, and happy running hehe.

  2. dave in the west said

    lol, yay, everyone’s at college now! except lenny. poor lenny.

    Better run those 24’s tomorrow Dave. I’m watching you, from 586 miles away.

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