August 26, 2007

You know, they find out Bush has been selling weapons to Iraq since whenever. We knew that. I knew that. During the Persian Gulf War, those intelligence reports would come in: ‘Iraq? Incredible weapons! Incredible weapons!’ How do ya’all know that? ‘Well, we looked at the receipt… but as soon as that check clears, we’re going in! What time’s the bank open? Eight? We’re going in at nine! For God and country and hey, he’s a Hitler! And hey, look, a fetus! Whatever you need, let’s go! Whatever YOU, the apathetic, docile masses need to get behind us, here, here’s a fetus, come on!’ ‘Ooh, look, it’s a little fetus. Look, a little fetus… I hate this man all the sudden. He’s a Hitler. He’s holding the little fetus.’

– Bill Hicks


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