God do I hate…

August 29, 2007

freakin’ windows. Gaaaaah! Using it after using a Mac nonstop for a year is like trying to gauge out my eyes.

I mean, sure, I’m using XP. And sure, I bet Vista is about 10X better. But come on, XP just sucks. Giant monkey balls.

It’s like they didn’t even try to make it functional or pretty.

Someday the rest of the world will see the light.

Until then, I’ll be stuck in the dark with my gauged out eyes.

2 Responses to “God do I hate…”

  1. dave in the back said

    from what i hear, vista is extremely inefficient and incompatible with everything. And has some really stupid copyright rules.

  2. Brian said

    I usually don’t respond to hippie rhetoric, but Vista is a far cry from being better than XP. Either way, I’m pretty functional with Windows, so I really have no idea what you’re talking about. Maybe learn how to use PC’s, and you won’t have problems with everything sucking?


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