Inane, Insane, and the End Game: Random Musings on Life at This Moment

September 4, 2007

Today in our chemical communications class, we discussed for a good five to ten minutes the difference between an abbreviation and an acronym. Just in case you’re wondering, the short answer is that with an abbreviation [VIP for example], you pronounce all the letters and with an acronym, you pronounce the new word [NASA for example].

But I kid you not, we spent five minutes talking about whether or not those definitions were appropriate. And the entire time, I was screaming in my head, “Who gives a fuck!” I’m anal as the next guy, but come on. That shit doesn’t even matter. To anyone but a freakin’ linguist. Or to a person that writes dictionaries. For the rest of us, just use the thing, and who cares what you call it? Talk about wasted effort.

Nevermind the rest of this class is based around teaching us how to write. ‘Hm, well, first you have to decide what you want to right about… and then you have to find out stuff about it… and then you have to write it… etc., etc.’ Yeah, no shit. And I have to go to a 75 minute lecture to learn that? Just give me a book, an assignment, and I’ll see you in 30 minutes with your stupid paper. Acronyms, abbreviations, and all.

Which will lead me [probably tomorrow] to discussing my thoughts on changing my major. Majorly out of chemistry. Because the old ‘it’s the family business’ excuse is a horrible one to spend the next three plus years of my life on. And other reasons. Like this stupid chemical communications class.

Which brings me to psychology, where we learned about the Stanford Prison Experiment in video form. And all I have to say is damn, that experiment is dumb. I have to admit, I thought there was something to it at one point. I thought it explained a lot of things, like Abu Ghraib, etc. But now I’m not as sure. The rules and regulations of prison systems, and society in general, are already so arbitrary. But then you create a fake prison with fake rules, and you add a whole new dimension of arbitrariness. People pretending to be people [who are already pretending to be who they ‘are’] don’t make a valid test bank.

In short, I’m really disillusioned with my life right now. It might be the slight cold I have going on. And not getting enough sleep. Who knows, come tomorrow I may be a conformist, pro-prison chemistry major.

But I doubt it.


One Response to “Inane, Insane, and the End Game: Random Musings on Life at This Moment”

  1. Brian said

    That prison thing was extreme as hell. I wouldn’t want to get stuck in a fake prison with people I know flinging feces at me and making barricades everywhere or completely abusing their power. Talk about absolute power corrupting absolutely.

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