An Interesting Take on Making Friends in College

September 7, 2007

I found this article interesting. If for no other reason than I can sympathize with the plight of the respondent.

Here’s a highlight:

Recruit. In execution, be bold. But in style, be casual. Don’t say, “Gee, I really like the way you handle a Bunsen burner. Would you be my lab partner?” Talk like that is just going to get you hurt.

Instead, say something like, “Uh, looks like according to ‘the professor’ up there I need a ‘lab partner.’ I don’t want to even talk to any of these other jerks. You up for it?”

Recruit your “lab partners” individually, out of earshot of other inmates and guards. Do not introduce them to one another. Keep them in the dark, or they might conspire against you and possibly take over the operation.

And there you have the basic tone of the entire article. Very tongue and cheek. But still good advice: Be bold.


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