Expanding Horizons

September 9, 2007

I went for a little trip today to buy some shoes. I drove to a Kohl’s one town over, in hopes that I might find a trendy, comfortable pair. Long story short, I have big feet. But I did enjoy an interesting experience on the way back home.

Driving in the car, I realized how limitless life can be, and yet how completely limited it can seem. I spend way too much time in front a computer screen, or behind a book, or beneath a desk. And I think in some way that hampers my ability to see beyond this moment. To see into the wide world beyond this room, this screen, and these words.

The sense of freedom felt amazing. And then I returned to my room, to this 15 m X 8 m cell of my own making, and the feeling started to fade. Suddenly, all the work, all the obligations became oppressive again. And the blinders came back on.

I could chalk this up to some sort of Feng Shui pseudoscience. But I think what it really comes down boredom. Boredom with ones surroundings. Boredom with ones activities. And not even that the activity itself is boring, but that doing it over and over again becomes numbing.

This calls for more walks [because gas is expensive when you don’t have a job], less time in front of a computer / book, and more time just with myself.

This must be important. Because this post more or less spontaneously came from me. And that hasn’t happened in a while


2 Responses to “Expanding Horizons”

  1. dave in the back said

    look for campus events and do them even if you think they are stupid.

  2. Brian said

    I don’t know, doing stupid things sounds pretty stupid. Have you tried interacting with your peers? I know, it sounds crazy, but some people at college can actually be pretty entertaining!

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