More random nostalgic binging

September 10, 2007

If there’s one good thing coming from compiling a book of blog posts, it’s all the random events that I forgot happened but now rediscover.

Like this one. No one that reads this blog will get it. But trust me, it was funny.

Wow, tonight’s marching band practice was the awesomest ever. And by awesome, I don’t mean it went well. On the contrary, it probably went the poorest I’ve ever seen a practice go. But the fun had. Oh, the fun had.

It’s amazing that acting crazy / being crazy can be so much fun. I mean, randomly shouting at people / counting in Spanish / being chased around by “crazed” drummers can make for quite a night. Quite a night indeed.

Especially when you “left everything on the field” last Saturday.

Oh well, only the rest of this month to go.

“Do you know what Saturday?! It’s Championships! Freakin’ Cavalcade Championships!”

Oh, marching band.


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