Random Science and Skepticism

September 13, 2007

Radio Frequencies Help Burn Salt Water.

Isn’t that just electrolysis? Which is really nothing new at all.

Maybe I’m missing something. Sure, they’re using electromagnetic radiation instead of electricity, but there’s at least a strong analogy.

And the ‘elements’ of salt water? You mean, like, salt and water? Neither of which are ‘elements’ in the chemical sense… And the only ‘element’ that matters is hydrogen. And that’s right easy to free from dihydrogen oxide.

Sounds like someone trying to make a buck off the ignorance of others.

I’m just sayin’…


3 Responses to “Random Science and Skepticism”

  1. dave in the back said

    Wowww… I think that hurt my brain a little. Maybe someone should tell them that radio transmitters use more power than direct electrolysis. Therefore, for 100 steps down, you go up 1 step. Weeeeeeeee… I love people and their getting excited.

    Nice find, Dave

  2. Kenny said

    I think their excited because most of the water on this planet is not fresh water…it contains salt. If you perform electrolysis on salt water I believe chlorine is emitted, which is not the best thing to be releasing into the air. Thus, since salt water is the most abundant thing on this planet and not fresh water, we need a technique to separate hydrogen without producing some deadly byproduct.

    C’mon Dave, Don’t be hating on Penn State research!!!

    Arn’t you a chem major??

  3. dave in the back said

    Well that’s a bit different… if that was the case, they should have said something about, “found a way to produce clean hydrogen from salt water,” because here it sounds like they’re getting excited about the fact that they found a weird and less efficient way to separate hydrogen.

    I apologize… plus, hey, its not that I get to see phony research all the time, I kinda jumped the gun a little bit. If I was really determined, I would have followed through with the project to see what they were actually doing, but I was feeling lazy so I just said it was stupid, lol. I’ll remember to follow through next time.

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