Huh… I didn’t think of that -or- An Apology

September 14, 2007

Looks like a jumped the gun a bit on that whole splitting of sea water into hydrogen and oxygen.

I forgot about electric potentials. And that because the chloride ion has a more negative potential, it will split out first during electrolysis. Creating chlorine gas. Which we all know is bad.

I’ve been in organic chemistry way too long. ;) I need to get me some inorganic. Or physical. Or just about anything that doesn’t solely involve carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and the occasional nitrogen with a halide!

Scientists of the world, please forgive my brashness. I must have been in a mood. IMS?



One Response to “Huh… I didn’t think of that -or- An Apology”

  1. dave in the back said

    Wait, what? More negative potential means it splits faster? From what I understand, more negative potential means that you need more energy to get the electron off, thus creating chlorine.

    Dave, check your math again. Plus, that time when Mr. O explained that you wouldn’t be able to make chlorine gas from electrolysis (practically) because water will hydrolyze first.

    I love you, Dave, but get your facts straight.

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