On the West and Eudaimonia

September 19, 2007

In short, the West presently has no pure science of consciousness that reveals the nature, origins, and potentials of this natural phenomena and it similarly lacks an applied science of consciousness that reveals means for refining and enhancing consciousness and thereby achieving eudaimonia. But this does not necessarily imply that all other human civilizations throughout history have been equally deficient.

– From Contemplative Science by B. Allan Wallace

So very true. The closest thing the West has to an applied science of consciousness is the hokey self-help field and the newly sprouting ‘positive’ psychology movement.

We can put a man on the moon, but we don’t know how to make someone thrive?

Though at times I think teaching the ‘good life’ smacks of totalitarianism. But that’s a post for another day.

Speaking of posts for another day, look for one about consciousness and the mind/brain dilemma.

This book is giving me so many good ideas!


2 Responses to “On the West and Eudaimonia”

  1. dave in the back said

    “This book is giving me so many good ideas!”

    He’s an excitable boy, he’s an excitable boy, lol.
    So you’re saying that people don’t know how to be happy. Man, that’s the dumbest shit I ever heard. I’m like, happy as shit, I’m so happy, I could fucking shit on a horse and the happiness from my shit would make the horse happy.

    But yeah, you’re right. People suck at being happy. Maybe they should stop sucking and do things that make them happy. Like exercise and hard work. Not coffee. God… fucking coffee. If I could shit on coffee, that would serve two purposes: my symbolic hatred of coffee, and spreading my happiness to everyone who drinks it.

  2. Brian said

    I don’t think happiness is soluble in shit.

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