Subject GRE

October 7, 2007

I just looked through a sample Subject GRE for Chemistry.. And the sad thing is I can already answer about 80% of the questions. The even sadder part is that I could have answered 50% of the questions after taking AP Chem.

I guess there really isn’t much more for me to learn chemistry-wise that is going to be on a general knowledge chemistry test. So if I plan on getting into grad school, the goal is to forget as little as possible general knowledge wise while picking up as much research experience as possible.

Sounds easy enough.

PS – If you’re bored, go to the ETS website and you can look at all the practice tests they have: both the general one [analogous to the SAT general test] and the subject tests [analogous to the SAT II’s]. It’s kind of fun to see how much of your major you’ve learned [though they don’t seem to have anything much more specialized than math, chem, bio, biochem, and physics]. And the basic math problems from the general test are always fun. Weird that I find them fun considering how crappy I did on that section of the SATs.

PPS – I just [re]-realized how dumb multiple choice tests are. If I think I understand chemistry after only 1.5 years of college, there has to be something wrong. A multiple choice test never tests the concepts. Those being the important part of any domain of knowledge.


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