AIDs No More?

November 2, 2007

Apparently scientists have figured out a cure for AIDs [well, more specifically, a way to stop HIV].

That sounds too good to be true. And I haven’t heard anything about this in the standard media.

But it’s just the sort of way-out-there thing that I just had to post.

You heard it here first!

Note: I didn’t take any time to actually read the real report. I’m going off of this article at HealthBolt. You don’t actually expect me to read the stuff I’m telling you about, do you? Who do you think I am, the Congress? Oh, wait…


2 Responses to “AIDs No More?”

  1. dave in the back said

    Woah, check it out. I didn’t really read the article, but that’s pretty cool. And yet, with overpopulation… fuck. But whatever.

  2. Brian said

    Actually, I think I heard that before, and wrote a tiny paper on it for an orientation class. Could be something different though, or I’m making that up.

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