The Thought that Spawned the Rest

November 13, 2007

Daily Growth Jog 1, 30 October 2007

I figured something out. I can’t live life on autopilot. At the same time, it doesn’t have to take all that much effort to live life consciously. On the contrary, it might just take 10 minutes a night. Which is what I’m about to find out.

You learn what you pay attention to. And everything is about learning a certain kind of behavior. Or so says behaviorism. And your behavior determines just about everything. No, everything. If you take behavior to be expansive enough to include cognitive as well as physical processes [and why shouldn’t you?].

Therefore, I think it’s important to put your mind through the paces. At least daily. If not more so. But not for too long. It should be like a jog. A jog for your inspirational, motivational, volitional muscles. You don’t want to do all the ‘complicated’ things that you are told will bring you weatlh, health, and happiness? Fine, then you can write for 10 minutes a night and see what that brings you.

And for now I don’t want a focus. You have to take baby steps. This is the first step towards figuring all of this out. I don’t want a focus, a thesis, anything like that. I just want you to sit for 10 minutes and focus on whatever you think will get you to where you have to go.

You can focus on a concept you think you have down cold. Or on something you know that you need to work on to get into your ‘auto-pilot’ of daily life. Mainly I just want you to focus on getting into the habit of doing this sort of thinking DAILY, so that you can stop using the excuse that you ‘don’t want to.’

Again, it’s daily practice that gets you where you need to get. That may be daily practice in exceptional thinking. Exceptional thinking is a behavior that can be learned. So it’s not so much what you write, but that you write it that matters in this case. I don’t think that you’ll look back on much of the things you write here for buried treasures. Though then again, maybe you will. Maybe you’ll find that this ends up being a depository of all the things you need.

What I do know is that any sort of personal transformation will come from within, not without. So all those books that you get so excited about may be great. But they won’t get you one step closer to where you ‘want’ to get. [Though, again, who are you that wants to get somewhere? And does that you even exist. Maybe that’s an axiom you need to focus on right now?]. That’s why after you purchase that next ‘big thing’ you quickly lose faith in it. It’s not a big thing. It can’t do anything for you that you can’t already do. It may give you new ideas on what you could implement, but no new book will ever implement the ideas for you! That’s not how they work. You still have to do the working.


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