Lucy in the Sky…

November 14, 2007

I now have all the synthetic tools to make lucy in the sky. It turns out that said chemical is just an amide of a common acid found in ergot. So all you have to do is activate the carbonyl on a chemical isolated from the ergot with, say, thionyl chloride, and react in some diethylamine. Tada, magic time!

Funny thing is all of those things are relatively easy to get. That is, except for the ergot. Yet again, the government has managed to make something that grows naturally hard to get.

On a more interesting note, apparently 1 gram of the stuff contains about 10,000 hits. I call that a good percent yield!

Because drug and explosive synthesis are the only reason I stay awake in Organic Chemistry!

Or to put it another way that sounds less anarcho-hippie, it turns out the two coolest things in chemistry are carboxylic acids [and their derivatives] and benzene [and its derivatives]. Yet you don’t get to those until your second semester of organic chemistry. I have definitely experienced that whole ‘way cool how this all comes together!’ feeling in organic chemistry over this past semester. Everything in organic I was kind of a mish-mash of random theory we needed to get to where we are today. But looking down from the mountain we climbed, it’s pretty cool stuff.

Damnit, I like organic chemistry! What the hell, that wasn’t supposed to happen…

PS – If you’re feeling psychedelic, I advise listening to the soundtrack to the new musical Across the Universe. Nothing like Beatle’s covers to put you in the mood for some lucy.


2 Responses to “Lucy in the Sky…”

  1. Mom said

    Your dad says: “You can’t run away from your genes!”

  2. Brian said

    I know what all that means! Hooray, now I can feel nerdy about science again!

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