November 16, 2007

For tardiness: I forgive people once or twice if they have good reasons. After that, I just leave or remove them from my life. I don’t have time to constantly wait for people who don’t value the time of others. Just like in personal outsourcing, I gauge reliability before everything else. Every once in a while, sh*t happens and people are late — that’s fine. But if it’s a habit, that’s fatal.

– From How to Test-Drive Friends and Irritate People by Tim Ferriss

I love this guy. So many brilliant ideas if you mine through his site / his book [The Four Hour Workweek]. He isn’t afraid to buck the trend. And he actually has the balls to buck the trend.

As opposed to some people I know [hack, cough, me] who just get pissed off at the trend and bitch. Perhaps if I put some miracle grow on my cajones, I can solve that problem?

And as always, a nice reminder that showing up late to things constantly is cute at first, then novel, but finally annoying as hell.


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