Scott Adams on Marijuana

November 30, 2007

If the science around marijuana curing cancer were to become indisputable, and if smoking marijuana delivered the medicine, would they ever mention that in the fact sheet?
In other words, might the “fact sheet” ever be balanced for both the good and the bad?

Updated Marijuana Fact Sheet

1. Marijuana cures cancer.

2. Marijuana reduces stress.

3. Marijuana helps digestion.

4. Marijuana improves your sex life.

5. Marijuana is expensive, thanks to your government.

6. Marijuana is illegal, thanks to your

7. Marijuana will make kids lazier and stupider
than usual.

8. Marijuana causes psychological dependence, similar to jogging.

9. Marijuana is expensive, similar to an iPhone.

10. Marijuana reduces the number of highway accidents.

– From Scott Adams, What If?


2 Responses to “Scott Adams on Marijuana”

  1. hemphrey said

    What if people weren’t so concerned about what others are doing to cope with the pain of living? What if?

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