Tool, How You Grow on Me: Fibonacci and Lateralus

December 7, 2007

Wow. Okay, even if you don’t like Tool’s music, you have to appreciate the intellectual acrobatics that go into the majority of their songs.

The syllabic structure of the chorus of this song is set up in the form of the Fibonacci sequence, spiraling from 1 to 13 and back again.

Which complements the theme of spiraling in the lyrics.

Tool’s the closest thing I’ve ever come to understanding the fascination with ‘high’ art, such as modern/abstract painting. I think I can understand how when people get the piece of art, rather than just see it, the artwork goes from just being beautiful to being amazing. The cerebral layer is totally transparent, until you ‘get’ it. And then suddenly you see both the pure aesthetics and the brilliant mind that went into making it.

Lateralus does that for me, lyrically and musically.

Mm, brain buzz.


One Response to “Tool, How You Grow on Me: Fibonacci and Lateralus”

  1. Ed Anderson said

    Very nifty. I love hidden meanings in music.

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