Final(ly) Finished

December 14, 2007

It’s funny how the anxiety of finals week doesn’t immediately disipate when all is said and done. All I have left is a psych final tomorrow which I hope to walk into more or less cold [I mean, come on, it’s psych. Everything is either intuitive or counterintuitive, and you just have to know which is which!].

This semester has been a great deal of fun and a great deal of pain academically. I ended up loving the heck out of O Chem. I learned a great deal in Linear Algebra. At the same time, I had a constant ‘bang my head against the wall’ feeling in EffChemComm. In balance, I’d say this has been a fun semester.

And perhaps even more exciting is the possiblity that I might get to AP out of Gen Chem II! [Wow, way too many vertical bars there…]. If I can [which I should be able to, as a fellow chem major has], then I can take P Chem II! [Again with the vertical bars…] For those keeping track, that’s quantum chemistry. More importantly, I’ll be able to take Advanced Physical Chemistry the Spring Semester of my Junior year. I hope that works out! I really want some major Calculus, and I’ll get THREE semesters of it if this pans through.

Well, enough of my boring academic scheduling. The holiday season is upon us! And Winter Break! And so many other wondrous things!

It’s a great time to be alive!



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