January 5, 2008

A Congress which is overwhelmingly dominated by lawyers and MBAs makes no sense in this 21st century in which almost all issues have a science and technology aspect. We need a national movement to seek out scientists and engineers who have demonstrated the required management and communication skills. And we need a strong consensus of mentors that the need for wisdom and knowledge in the Congress must have a huge priority.

– Leon Lederman, from The World Question Center 2008

How true. Why is it that some of the people that might help the government the most eschew the arena? I know for one I’d like to see less lawyers and more scientists in the political arena. Not to say that all scientists are good and all politicians are bad. But rather it might be safe to assume that most scientists have a training the scientific method that will lead them away from false conclusions such as “Evolution doesn’t exist” and “They will great us as liberators!”


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