EU Greatest Country in the World?

January 21, 2008

This is a video left out of Michael Moore’s Sicko. I haven’t seen the movie, and I know Michael Moore has a tendency to exaggerate. But if he’s even half right about how great Norway is, then wow. Just wow.

And it’s right by Amsterdam. Which has two other great things about it.

European Union, here I come!

Maybe someday.

PS – Yes, I know that Norway has one of the highest tax rates ever. But when you consider that studies show that money only has an effect on happiness up to a certain point (that point being when you get beyond subsistence living [sorry everyone, that big pay raise isn’t going to make you happier…]), it seems to make sense that the money might be spent of more important, quality of life things. You know, those things other than SUVs, ‘boots with the fur,’ and bling. Like health care, better prison systems, and alternative energy research. Just an idea.

Because living with your SUV in a world without gas just won’t be much fun at all.


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