Words of Wisdom

January 26, 2008

Studies have shown that the severity of different drinks’ hangover symptoms decline in this order: brandy, red wine, rum, whisky, white wine, gin, vodka, and pure ethanol.

– From Does Anything Eat Wasps?

Oooh. That explains a lot. ;)


2 Responses to “Words of Wisdom”

  1. dave in the west said

    lol… what? I’m not quite sure I follow here.

  2. Ed Anderson said

    Yes, as I recall it’s not the ethanol in booze that really gives you a hangover… it’s the other nasty compounds that are in the booze. Since pure ethanol is distilled and pure, no nasty compounds, much less of a hangover.

    Things that sit in barrels for ages tend to have more of those compounds.

    Suggested Reading: http://health.howstuffworks.com/hangover.htm

    Oh, and why is it the guy that doesn’t drink knows this?

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