Best Quote of the Day

February 14, 2008

You guys remember School House Rock? The show with the Bill becoming a Law? God, I loved that show! Though I was usually high when I watched it. Man, Saturday mornings. Those were good times. Sat there eating my cheese wheel. I always had the munchies.

– An unidentified professor

Just goes to show you: all the stuff they tell you about pot smokers being deadbeats – totally not true. You can smoke pot and then become an awesome professor at a small liberal arts college. Not a bad deal!


3 Responses to “Best Quote of the Day”

  1. dannimoss said

    LOL! My Political Science prof last semester used this song in class. It was a hoot! Hands-down the best prof I’ve ever had (so far) too.

  2. dave in the west said

    Haha… yeah dude. Its the truth that the government doesn’t want us to know. Well… actually I doubt they care if we know… they’re just too lazy to make it legal. Bureaucracy at its finest.

  3. Brian said

    I wonder if that works for pharmacists…

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