Who Needs ‘Experience’?

February 23, 2008

If on-the-job experience helped a president, we would expect past presidents to have far more successful second terms than first. I don’t know how you factor in the lame duck effect, but is there historic evidence that presidents get more effective the longer they are on the job?

If you look at the great achievements in history, they are usually accomplished by younger people. Those people continue to acquire relevant experience throughout their careers but their successes do not continue at the same rate. For anything important, experience probably has a strong negative correlation with success. If that weren’t true, all the hit songs, hot startups, and new inventions would be coming from geezers.

Obama is often minimized by his opponents as being little but a smart guy who is a great talker. Realistically, is there any other type of experience that is more important for the job of president than learning how to be a great talker?

– From Dilbert.Blog


One Response to “Who Needs ‘Experience’?”

  1. Kenny said

    Ah…it all makes sense now. You vote like a teenage girl. Or you’re just being a typical democratic hypocrite because I believe your party hates Ronald Reagen, yet he was a………..great speaker…..

    So it’s only necessary to be a good speaker and have no experience only when your a democrat…

    I guarantee if Obama was a white republican, you would be saying the exact opposite about his speeches. You really would see the fluff and say that’s exactly what this country doesn’t need.

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