Texas A&M? Here I (Most Probably) Come!

March 12, 2008

Just wanted to let anyone that reads this know that I’ve been accepted into the summer research program at Texas A&M. I have two more places to hear back from, but Texas A&M definitely has both the more interesting research and the better stipend.

Looks like I won’t have to be bored this entire summer! Getting paid to do science… now that’s a novel idea!

I’ll be doing research on using magnesium alloys as hydrogen storage materials. Materials science and alternative energy. Suweet!

May 29 through the first week of August. Loooooong time. But it beats sitting on my butt in my hometown for 15 weeks!


4 Responses to “Texas A&M? Here I (Most Probably) Come!”

  1. Ed Anderson said

    Hey hey now, I’m the material science major. I was there first ;)

    But congrats =). Getting paid to do science can be quite fun, and the topic sounds quite interesting.

    Just don’t let Texas republicanize you… I think the Democratons in you would meet with the Republicons and undergo some kind of anti-mater annihilation, which probably isn’t healthy ;)

  2. Kenny said

    oh man…Dave’s moving out into the world…watch out!!!

  3. Brian said

    Texas?! Of all places?!


    Where is A&M? Because if it’s anywhere but Houston, Haha, you’re going to waste all that liberalization in Texas.

  4. Brian said


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