Forget About Peak Oil: These Guys are Brilliant!

March 17, 2008

I just finished watching a video given by Craig Venter at TED this February. You can watch it here. It’s well worth the time, in terms of both scientific coolness and peace of mind.

Basically, Dr. Venter explains the process by which he and his lab have been able to synthesize working genomes and implant them into bacteria. Then you have true bioengineering.

Dr. Venter goes on to describe the possibilities in terms of alternative energy / the CO2 crisis. Basically, you could have a bacteria that grabs CO2 directly out of the air and turns it into octane (ie gasoline). Most of all, these bacteria are efficient [apparently much more so than plants]. And all they need is the CO2 and light.

Right there you solve one of the most pressing issues of our time. And this sort of thing isn’t coming in decades… it’s coming in years.

Leave it to the engineers to save our butts once again. I guess someone has to do it!


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