Sky God by Stuart Davis

March 28, 2008

Sky God. This one’s real. My God is revealed when I bend and kneel. I can’t tell you how good that feels.

No more asking questions. I better count my blessings. If I’ve learned one lesson. Why ask Why?

Give it to the Sky God. My head feels fuzzy and it’s all because He’s
doing what He doesn’t ’till it’s what it wasn’t.

You better take a look now at the one true book now. Read it, open hearted Till the clouds are parted.

All the drugs I used to do. All the sex I used to have were only shadows on my path.
Now my heart has been redeemed and my spirit is remade and the world will feel His
righteous wrath and anger. Cuz the end is near. The end is here.

Sky God.


2 Responses to “Sky God by Stuart Davis”

  1. dave in the west said

    I can tell you really like this song. It’s the second time you’ve posted it this week, lol.

  2. aubergine said

    fucking brilliant
    i worship stu

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