Hm, That’s Kind of Upsetting

June 27, 2008

I found out last night that two of my previous blog posts, well, didn’t post. Which is kind of urking me… because I don’t want to rewrite them (if I recall them correctly, they were both at least relatively decent). And yet I feel like they’re both topics that deserve a space on this blog. So, uh, yeah. I’m going to rewrite them. And I’m going to stop using the blogging client that I’ve been using (damn you ecto!!!). Because it keeps throwing away my posts.

Anyway, the posts I’m talking about will be here and here. I hope you enjoy them. Who knows, maybe they’ll be better the second time through!

PS – And I won’t be doing those posts until I figure out how to get rid of all this unsightly line-spacing WordPress puts between lines. I want paragraphs! And I want to know why paragraphs aren’t in vogue anymore?!


3 Responses to “Hm, That’s Kind of Upsetting”

  1. Ed said

    I was wondering what those null posts were about. I recommend going to a blogging tool that saves your posts (that way if for whatever reason they don’t fully make it on the interwebtubes, all you have to do is try again or just copy & paste).

  2. Ed said

    Oh, about the PS (I didn’t see it at first, since I was reading via RSS)… try using shift-return instead of return and see if it cuts down on added whitespace. In my experience that has helped where this is an issue (As I recall, it has to do with things like line feeds verses return, etc. — all a kludy mess if you ask me).

  3. ddarmon87 said

    Good call, Ed! Shift-returning works like a charm!

    Yeah, the program I had been using did save my work periodically… but I just switched to the latest version, and that one doesn’t seem to want to play nice… :( So now I’m off to use the web-based interface. It’s gotten a lot nicer since I first started at WordPress!

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