Fight the Man!

July 2, 2008

I just finished reading the book Little Brother by Corey Doctorow. The best part? It was free! And I could just download it to my iPod Touch and flick away!

Okay, that wasn’t the best part. The best part was the story! I too often forget how much I love science fiction. In all its forms. Like, this past semester, I read a giant science fiction tome of short stories. And every last one (almost) was completely thought provoking. Great stuff!

Same with Little Brother. LB’s a book about a not so distant future where a terrorist attack on San Diego leads to a military state run by (you guessed it) the corrupt Department of Homeland Security. The book follows the path of one 17-year old’s journey to break down the government using what he knows best: technology. One of the really cool things about this book is that all the technology used and discussed and hacked in the book is available for real. So, if you’re more of the hands on type (I often wish I was!), you can go out and get yourself some tech and mess around with it!

LB also made me more than a little curious about a possible career as computer scientist. Or cryptologist. Or rogue world-saver. It definitely got the creative juices flowing.

And it’s a quick read. I started reading it this Saturday, and I finished it yesterday. Put all those stray minutes of lab time to good use!

Anyway, my telling of the story pales in comparison of Mr. Doctorow’s, so go and download Little Brother and give it a go. (Or if you’re the old fashioned type, you can buy the dead tree version) You won’t be disappointed by all the crypto, sci-fi, evil-doer fighting action!

Good to know I have a head full of cool ideas should the eminent US police state ever come to power. Too bad I have this post on the interweb marking me with a giant red X. Such is the price of free speech!


One Response to “Fight the Man!”

  1. dave in the west said

    Here comes the dexterous and practical alter ego of David Darmon….
    RoboRogue!!! Here to break into your military systems and save the world!

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