Hey, Mr. President!

July 3, 2008

Apparently the powers that be in the scientific community are trying to hold a science debate between the presidential hopefuls.

The last time they tried this, the debate didn’t pull through. Imagine that, politicians not wanting to answer questions a little outside their areas of expertise (that is, non-BS).

Hopefully Obama and McCain will both agree to attend this event. In my opinion, a debate like this could tell us more about how well-suited each candidate is for the office more than 20 ‘policy’ debates.

Really, I’d love to have an engineer as president (can you imagine having someone with the applied know how and critical thinking skills of an engineer as president of the US?), but I guess this is the next best thing.

Hurrah, science!!!


2 Responses to “Hey, Mr. President!”

  1. Ed said

    Indeed, I’m convinced an engineer would make a freakin’ awesome president.

    The only problem is finding one willing to and able to kiss enough babies and shovel enough political manure to get there without losing all of their good, engineer-y qualities in the process.

    I’d be willing to settle for a politician that was at least a science enthusiast — ie one that knew enough about DNA/genetic testing (god, that’s a topic that’s become bad enough of late…), etc. to actually understand what scientists tell them…

  2. Mrs. O said

    I agree, the next president needs to understand the important scientific issues of the day. Also they need to understand the importance of funding science education, both on the secondary level and the university level. Clinton doubled the NIH budget, but it’s stagnated since then with Bush. PIs have to spend more time writing grants than thinking about and doing their research! Unless someone who understands this {ahem- Obama] is elected, I don’t see US scientific research staying on the forefront for much longer- between a lack of funding, immigration laws that make it hard for foreign scientists to work here, poor science education at the high school level, and just a general lack of respect and interest in science as a career, I don’t see how the next generation of Americans will be able to compete. (I will say though that meeting you guys at least gives me some hope in the future, but in general I’m not that optimistic if things don’t change).

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