Science Hard, Humanities Easy

July 3, 2008

A study shows that a physical sciences major is harder than a humanities major, and thus those students should receive additional credit.

Well, yes. But. I don’t think us science majors need additional credit. It’s enough punishment to the humanities major that they have to waste so much time doing things they could easily do on their own (‘here, read this book and then think critically about it.’ Um, I could do that for NOT $40,000 a year at home by myself…). Whereas at least in the sciences, you are provided with the equipment and training that you might otherwise not have access to (try, just try to buy half the chemicals used in a freshman chemistry course without getting the Department of Homeland Security on your ass).

One of my favorite quotes:

“If universities and employers treat all grades as equivalent they will select the wrong applicants,” said Coe in a press release. “A student with a grade C in Biology will generally be more able than one with a B in Sociology.”

I don’t know how much that C in a biology class is really worth, either. Maybe if it’s molecular bio course. ;)


One Response to “Science Hard, Humanities Easy”

  1. The Bully said

    And if you’re going to do that type of thing, isn’t it easier to give more credit to what even the college itself acknowledges as harder work (eg the higher level courses)? I would think that if you’re going to give unequal credit, that would be the first thing to do.

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