Loss of Repetition and Re-exposure – LIA

August 4, 2008

With the availability of the internet, the need to return to some bit of information essentially goes to zero. That is, I can go through my entire life only touching any piece of information once (maybe twice, if I’m ambitious).

This SOUNDS like a good thing. But it is not. Since most things, especially philosophic / life-changing things, have already been said, I gain no benefit from flitting from bit of information to bit of information. In fact, it is only by repeatedly re-examining a single piece of information that I could ever hope to master it.

That is, the human mind is built to enjoy novelty but to need repetition. Some how, every person that becomes anything in their respective fields must learn, then, to find novelty in the repetition. A musician that plays the same piece of music day-after-day, but still finds something new with each rehearsal. The martial artist that practices the same form over and over, but still feels the subtlety of all the movements as if for the first time. These are the ways you must approach problems, whether scientific, personal, or social. A cursory glance will not give your brain the chance to change as it must. Instead, you need to go deep and go long. Only by doing this will you find mastery, in science or in life.

Novel repetition. This and nothing less.


One Response to “Loss of Repetition and Re-exposure – LIA”

  1. Brett said

    In response to the second-to-last sentence of the third paragraph: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

    Nice post by the way, lol.

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