End of ‘Summer’ Thoughts

August 25, 2008

It’s time (actually, a little past time) to collect my thoughts on the summer. Although I have a feeling they’re going to be pretty short this time around. Mainly because there wasn’t much of a summer being had.

Which I guess is the ‘highlight’ of this summer: no longer quite being a kid anymore (though I still posit that kid-ness will never truly go away for our generation). The only part of summer that was truly summer like was the first week and a half. I spent that doing typical ‘kid’ things, like hanging out with friends, going to movies, playing video games. Yeah, good times.

And then I went to Texas. And although all that normal summer stuff was still there, it didn’t feel like the center of life anymore. The center of life became working (if you can call what I did over the summer working). Working a 9 to 5 schedule. That became the core of my day, instead of my friends / social activities, etc.

Now, I don’t know how much of that is just a function of my personality and how much of it is a function of getting ‘older.’ Although I guess it doesn’t really matter either way. Because either way, it’s the way that I’m going to go about life.

Returning to college just now, I plan on really enjoying this last bastion of ‘kid-ness’ in my life. Because undergraduate is really, really easy. Compared to what’s ahead, this is like a peace of cake. Which is funny. It makes all that complaining in high school worthwhile. Because you finally get an ‘out,’ a way to just chill, learn, and be a non-adult for a while. For the low low price of $40,000 a year! What a bargain!

Anyway, yeah, I guess that’s the weird thing about this summer. The fact that it wasn’t at all a summer. I miss the old summers. But hopefully next summer will be more like old summers. Because nobody told me my last ‘real’ summer was going to be last year.

Now onward and upward towards this year, though! All the fun, awesome, responsibility-ness of being a college student. Haha. Take that, real world!


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