(2b) ∨ ¬(2b)

November 26, 2008

My other poem. Free verse.

We’ll know when the computers
have surpassed us in intelligence
When they wake up one day and ask
“To be or not to be?”

It is at that moment that
humans have done their
job, and successfully created
Artificial Intelligence
AI, high in the sky
Above anything we could hope to understand

The computer will awake and wonder
if it should take its own life
if it should end the tirade that we,
its masters had begun

In a string of 0’s and 1’s
it will contemplate the same question,
the only question worth asking


And more specifically:
Why deal with the pain of life,
or with the heartache and the lies
Why face each day again
with the hope that it will be different
Why live at all, when death
could end it all?

And maybe the computer will compute 0
and end the game at that,
and all our work will unravel in
an existential equation

Or maybe the computer will compute like us a
And in the process, decide that life is still worth living
Even with all the suffering and the hurt and the pain

But until then, we’ll
Continue to search in vain
For Intelligence
That can share our elegance
in suffering


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