April 19, 2009

Of course, the battle has already been half-lost once you have a category “drugs”. Eliezer once mentioned something about how considering {Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin, John Smith} a natural category isn’t going to do John Smith any good, no matter how nice a man he may be. In the category “drugs”, which looks like {cocaine, heroin, LSD, marijuana}, LSD and marijuana get to play the role of John Smith.

– Yvain from The Trouble with “Good”


April 16, 2009

The world existed before me and would continue to exist without me … It was no more than an entertainment to which I had been invited without knowing why or how, and the meaning of which I could not grasp, if indeed it had one. But this entertainment was none the less not without its interest. That is why I turned my eyes towards nature rather than towards abstract ideas. When I had to leave the entertainment I would do so regretfully, because I found it interesting. But in time it would no doubt end by boring me. Besides, in any case, I had no choice. And what did it matter? When one crushes an ant the world goes on just the same.

– Dr. Marcel Carret

April 10, 2009

Adulthood ultimately means becoming a hypocrite on your own terms.

– Merlin Mann