When you start seeing Alf…

June 13, 2009

This is priceless. The name of the ‘show’ is Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue. It tracks the descent of a teenager into drug culture. But that worse-than-laughable anti-drug cliches aren’t even the best part. No, that honor has to go to seeing all of my favorite childhood cartoon characters telling the kid to ‘just say no.’

The sad thing is that the anti-drug campaign hasn’t progressed much in 20+ years. They’re still making the same hackneyed, counterfactual claims to defend their twisted worldview. We can only hope that someday they’ll grow up and join the rest of us in a place called reality.


2 Responses to “When you start seeing Alf…”

  1. daveinthewest said

    I watched this entire video. It was that funny.

    I’m going to disagree with your statement “Counterfactual claims”. What claims? Did they name ANY??? Look at what happens to your brain when you do drugs!!! ***ELECTRICAL EXPLOSIONS***AHHHHHHHH***

    Drugs, at least the normal ones, are no worse than donuts or coffee. Can you control your life? That’s the big concern. Can you say to yourself, there’s no reason to do this right now because I’m broke, or because I need to drive a car, or because I’m taking a special medicine, or plain and simple, I like to be sober? Drugs are the biggest fucking scapegoat for lack of self control I’ve ever seen.

    Sorry, I realize that this was a lighthearted stab at the anti-drug movement, but there were parts of this video that were just hard… very hard.

  2. anyone wondering what Mikey is on?
    this is almost as good as the girl who tries “a sniff of coke” and jumps out of a second-story window.

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