Hi-Q Highlights

December 11, 2006

Hey everyone. I just got the low down on how our (and I guess I should clarify that by “our,” I mean the Chi team) Hi-Q team performed from an undisclosed source. You heard it first here. (And I should clarify that by “you” I mean about the one person that’s interested in how the Hi-Q team did).

The final score was (approximately) Chi, 34; Academy Park, 13; and Radnor, 44. Just from the Radnor score, I’m thinking that the questions must be harder this year. The scores are pretty low thus far, with the highest coming from Springfield with a 47. Hm. Of course, if our team were there, well, you know how well we’d do (Mr. Cole bald-headed? I think so! :) ).

Part one, (the names of who I won’t disclose on the ever searchable interweb) started strong, scoring something like 34 points. And then, just like usual, Part two came along and sucked it up (hey guys, I can say that, being on Part two for two years [though never on both parts in the same game…]). Part two scored something like 5 points. Admittedly, Part two usually has the harder questions (once again, trust me on this one). All in all, it was a team effort, with Part one pulling part two along kicking and screaming. ;)

Sounds like a decent start to the season for a “building” year. I look forward to seeing the team perform at Cardinal O’Hara over winter break. A Hi-Q reunion, anyone? :)


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