The Bodhi Project: A Manifesto

October 7, 2007

There comes a time in every persons life when they wake up to realize that the world isn’t what they thought. That all the assumptions they’ve held up until this point in fact really do make an ass out of you and me.
And in that situation, they have one of two choices: they can either go back to sleep or they can continue pursuing that loose thread until they unravel the very fabric of their lives to the point that there is no turning back. Ultimately, they must choose between sleep and wakefulness.

Though the Journey to Wakefulness may be hard, it is in no way unprecedented. The path has been trodden countless times in the past. And the way-posts are very clear. The map has been made. But difficulty ensues when the traveller realizes that the maps are not the reality. Every map contains its inaccuracies, some more than others. And the only way to actually get from point A to point B is to travel the wobbly path between.

The challenge then becomes not to collect all the guides and tips of the previous travelers, but to discover how to use them for oneself along the journey. The glossy paper and beautiful pictures explain the process, but they in no way can truly walk the traveler through the process. That takes effort, time, and mistakes. And even then, there’s no guarantee that making the proper incantation will lead to anything useful.

Disappointments will had. Boredom will mark many steps along the path. Ruts along the journey should be considered the norm, not the exception. Discouragement rains from the sky like rain. But again and again, the traveler will remember that whether or not he continues on his journey the time will pass. The hardships will come. The question is whether all of these challenges will propel him forward or force him back.

Here’s to the traveler. He’s not a hero. He’s the Common Man. The only difference between him and the next man is his willingness to look his lies in the face. He won’t be any more dissuaded by them than he would be by the lies of anyone else.

He may not make it to his final destination, but in the end, he will have a story to tell. A story of growth, of discovery, and of amazement.

One Response to “The Bodhi Project: A Manifesto”

  1. dave in the back said


    discouragement rains like rain.

    Good thing you’re going into chemistry, lol.

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